Community Development

The Planning and Development Department administers and monitors receipt and expenditure of the City’s annual entitlement allocation of federal grant dollars known as the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME funds. This responsibility includes staff support of the Euclid Citizens Advisory Committee that, each year, reviews all funding applications for spending such grant dollars before submitting its recommendations to Euclid City Council.

The following is a summary version of the City of Euclid’s Annual Plan for the FY 2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program as recommended by the Citizens’ Advisory Committee.


PRIORITY:  Affordable Housing

Use of Prior Year Funds

Use of FY 2016 Funds

Program Health, Safety & Well Being

  • Weatherization
  • Operation Overcoat
  • Services for the Physically Disabled



Program Low Interest Home Improvement Loan

Program Administration


PRIORITY:  Non-homeless Persons with Special Needs

Program Euclid Senior Programs


PRIORITY:  Non-Housing Community Development
Program Storefront Renovation Program



Program Municipal Beautification



Program Commercial Demolition


PRIORITY:  Administration / Fair Housing
Program Neighborhood Programs


Program General Management Coordination


Program Planning




$ 557,256.00

$   905,000.00

EDCOR Low Interest Home Improvement Loan Fund – Program Income






Difference in Available Funds Plan

In the event that there is an increase/decrease in the FY 2016 Entitlement Grant or in the amount of FY 2016 program income, the budget for General Management and Program Planning will increase/decrease proportionally by 20% of the difference between the above estimated amounts and the actual amounts of the FY2016 Entitlement Grant and FY2016 program income amounts. In the event that there is an increase/decrease in the amount of FY 2015 Program Income, the budget for Senior Programs will increase/decrease by 15% of the difference between the above estimated amount and the actual FY 2015 program income amount. Additionally, the remaining increase/decrease in available funds will be distributed/subtracted in a 70%:30% proportion to the Municipal Beautification and Storefront Renovation Programs, respectively.


To view the Consolidated Action Plan Evaluation Report or CAPER for FY 2015, click here.

FY 2017 Annual Action Plan

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