Community Improvement Corporation of Euclid (CIC)

The Euclid Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) was established in 1979 as a not-for-profit organization established under Section 1702.04 of the Ohio Revised Code and as provided in Sections 1724.01 to 1724.09; for the sole purpose of advancing, encouraging, and promoting economic, community and civic development in the City of Euclid.

It is the objective of the City of Euclid to promote the health, safety, morals and general welfare of its inhabitants through the designation of the Community Improvement Corporation.

Free, community engagement programs are planned through the CIC Board in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office and the City of Euclid’s Planning and Development Department. Events the CIC supports include outdoor movie nights, concert series and the This Is Euclid Art Walk.

Financial Statements
Each community improvement corporation shall prepare an annual financial report that conforms to rules prescribed by the auditor of state pursuant to Section 1117.20 of the Revised Code, that it is prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles, and that is certified by the board of directors of the corporation or its treasurer or other chief fiscal officer to the best knowledge and belief of those persons certifying the report. The financial report shall be filed with the auditor of state within one hundred twenty days following the last day of the corporation’s fiscal year, unless the auditor of state extends that deadline. The auditor of state may establish terms and conditions for granting any extension of that deadline. The financial report shall be published on the corporation’s web page: