Waterfront Improvements Plan

Updated November 2016

 “I hear lake water lapping… by the shore.
I hear it in the deep heart’s core.”
         – William Butler Yeats, 20th Century Irish Poet

Euclid’s vision to provide unprecedented public waterfront access, habitat enhancements and upland stability is moving closer to reality.

Permit documents were submitted to the state and federal regulatory agencies in Fall 2016 for Phase II of Euclid’s Waterfront Improvement Plan, which is positioned to break ground in summer 2017. This milestone reflects years of planning and the support of public and private partnerships.

Complementing the 250’ James Farrell Memorial Fishing Pier, rededicated in August 2013 and now featuring a custom bronze compass rose medallion, the $11.5M Phase II of the Waterfront Improvement Plan features central shoreline improvements to stabilize the eroding bluff, recreate natural wildlife habitat and improve stormwater management while opening the privatized lakefront to public access.

A three-quarter mile multipurpose trail along the shoreline moving east from Sims Park to City-owned property just west of Normandy Towers will set an unprecedented example of public access for communities across Lake Erie. Engineered offshore rock structures to improve wave action and sediment flow and revetments to protect the upland continue until just past the location of a future marina, where a sand “paddle-craft beach” will be created to launch kayaks, canoes and other small craft into Lake Erie.

“The next phase of improvements will allow more people to enjoy our beautiful lakefront while encouraging new development and setting the stage for a future marina,” predicts Planning & Development Director Jonathan Holody.

This exciting vision to reclaim Euclid’s historic waterfront began in summer 2009 when the City of Euclid engaged SmithGroupJJR, an experienced waterfront engineering and design firm, to plan and implement waterfront enhancements. A series of public open houses took place throughout the City in addition to conversations with local, State and Federal agencies that helped the City identify grants to fund major components of the multi-phased project.

While the immediate focus was on Sims Park and the new fishing pier, key components and the next phases of work include the much needed stabilization of the shoreline, reforming the cobble and sand beaches and creating trails to connect the City’s residents to our most value natural asset, Lake Erie. To accomplish these goals the City sought grants to acquire key properties and continues to model, survey and plan with longtime consultants SmithGroupJJR.

Throughout 2016, SmithGroupJJR’s project Landscape Architect and Engineer have met with shoreline property owners and the Waterfront Steering Committee to develop plans, discuss easements and set timelines. A public presentation to the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission took place in May 2016 with the next presentation scheduled for a Council Committee meeting mid-December 2016 to review the next contract for construction documents and bid preparation.

A $4 million Cuyahoga County Casino Revenue Fund allocation provides a significant portion of the necessary funding with additional project funding provided by Federal, State, private foundation and local funds.

For more information feel free to contact Allison Lukacsy, Community Projects Manager at (216) 289-8160 or by email at alukacsy@cityofeuclid.com.


Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan Presented December 2016:

Phase IV Central Shoreline Enhancements

Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan Presented May 2016:

2016-0524 P&Z Special Public Meeting

Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan Presented August 2014:

Phase IV Shoreline Enhancements

Adopted by Euclid City Council as an addendum to the City’s Master Plan (Rev. 2009):

Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan.